With so many weight loss pills and supplements on the market it is getting harder to decide which one will be effective in achieving your weight loss goals. Additionally, there are about as many different ingredients in these pills as there are side effects.

However, now there is a natural product that has hit the market that not only has shown great results, but with virtually no side effects. Green Coffee Bean Extract is now leading the way and showing great promise to those trying to lose weight and also needing to know that what they are ingesting is not going to have an adverse effect on their health.

Green Coffee Bean Extract, which comes from coffee beans that have not been roasted, is made with one main ingredient and that is Chlorogenic Acid. Not only has Green Coffee Bean Extract been shown to help people lose weight by increasing the body’s metabolism, but Chlorogenic Acid is also a very potent antioxidant which helps the body get rid of free radicals which fights against various diseases.

There are also indications that it helps lower blood pressure, and prevents fasting blood sugar from getting too high which helps prevent the symptoms of migraines, mood swings and fatigue from the drop in the blood sugar. There are studies currently going on to see if Green Coffee Bean Extract can help fight Alzheimer’s as well as Type II Diabetes.

The only real side effect is what you would get from consuming a regular cup of coffee; however, Green Coffee Bean Extract does not contain a very high dose of caffeine to begin with. Therefore, some possible side effects may be jitteriness and restlessness.

Green Coffee Bean Extract has even been endorsed by Dr. Oz. His show created a two week study on 100 women, between 35 and 49 with BMI’s greater than 25, and the results showed that the selected group did lose an average of two pounds during that time span without changing their eating habits or adding any extra exercise. In addition, when he questioned the participants on any side effects during the two week study, all of them agreed that they had no signs of jitteriness or restlessness.

In watching Dr. Oz’s video, “Where can I buy green coffee bean extract for weight loss?” he goes onto explain what to look for when buying Green Coffee Bean Extract. Although he does not sell this product or promote any particular company, his advice was to keep these main guidelines in mind when getting ready to purchase this product.

First, look for the main ingredients of either SVETOL® or GCA®, which stands for Green Coffee Antioxidant.

Second, it should be at least 45% Chlorogenic Acid. More than that is ok, but anything less may not supply the same benefits.

Third, Dr. Oz’s study group took 400mg 3 times a day, so even though it can be purchased from 200mg to 800mg, the 400mg dosage seemed to be just enough.

Fourth, always review the labels to be sure that there are no other fillers, binders or artificial ingredients added to the capsules.

Many other research studies have also shown that Green Coffee Bean Extract has helped both men and women lose weight, even without changing their diets or increasing their exercise. Imagine how much more quickly pounds could be shed with a healthy eating plan and an increased exercise program.

So if you’re looking for a healthy way to lose weight that is now proven then your journey starts with Green coffee Bean Extract. It is considered to be completely safe because there are no harmful chemicals or additives.